Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a new day, a new blog

i'm sitting here in the apartment, drinking a cup of trader joe's coffee, listening to coffeegeek podcast . yeah, maybe that is a bit much on the coffee front, but for some reason it has inspired me to start this new blog. i don't necessarily think i've grown bored with exegesis & explication , i just wanted a new outlet for non academic blogging. xanga hasn't done it for me for a while. so here i am with another blogspot gem. i'm not going to make any promises about posting regularly. heck, i'm not going to make any promises about ever posting again. so enjoy what you get.

if you're reading this you're probably aware that i got married on july 1. that makes it pretty close to two months since the big day. these two months really have been blissful. honestly. kaleena and i have been spending tons of time together. this is a major improvement over the past year. she's been working for a temp agency for the past month or so, and i wake up in the morning with her to make breakfast. it's my contribution to keeping this household flowing smoothly. after that i usually mope around the apartment for a while, drink some coffee, and get frustrated with linux. i do work somewhere in there, and that's been keeping me quite busy. i'm currently working for three different profs in the political science department -- ordering books, making copies, setting up readers. honestly, i'm looking forward to the calm of the new semester. the new classes should be good. still debating on whether i should drop critical theory ii in favor of the marx as philosopher course.

other than this, kaleena and i are both really looking forward to going out to california for paul's wedding in october. we're both super stoked for him. plus, we will get to see tons of friends including joe and lindsey. hanging out with joe pretty much made up the majority of my senior year at cal baptist. sadly, i haven't really talked to him since then. he's a father now, which is totally rad. i'm looking forward to getting out of this whole student racket to have kids myself, so i must say that i am quite envious of the man. i'm sure he's an awesome dad, and lindsey's gotta be a sweet mama. so yeah, california, an end to student life, and fatherhood are some things i am looking forward to. city living, the early days of marriage, and good coffee are the things i am definitely enjoying at the current moment. i think that's pretty good for now