Saturday, July 14, 2007

Let a thousand oaks bloom

So, after sitting in the waiting room for nearly an hour we were informed that there was no record of us having an appointment yesterday. They rescheduled us for next Friday. Which means that it will now be a two week delayed appointment (as our original appointment was for last Friday). We're now on the lookout for a new doctor -- hopefully a more organized one.
Also, we ended up going down to Thousand Oaks last night and hanging out with friends. We were able to see Paul, Jen, Frances, Tyler, Mike, Jenny, Chris, Dorothy, Sarah, and Dennis. All in all it was a good time. Traffic was pretty lame on the way down, but it was worth it. There was some good food and a lot of good conversation. We stayed down there till around 10:00 I believe. This made the drive back really nice. We were able to zip back up here super quickly.

Friday, July 13, 2007

In the company of friends

We've had quite a bit of company recently: Rodney, Dawn, Paul, Jen, Frances, Tyler. It was super great to see everyone, especially those that live quite far away (Texas and Vietnam are really the same thing to me). We're hopefully seeing a handful of those guests again tomorrow in Thousand Oaks. I'm looking forward to it -- it's always good to be around good friends.
On the baby front, we have an appointment in the morning. Hopefully we'll be scheduling the next ultrasound (the sex one). Also looking forward to that. So far things are going quite smoothly. The morning sickness is pretty much gone. That's a very good thing. The baby is healthy as far as we know. Also a very good thing. And Kaleena seems to be doing well herself. Again, a very good thing.
In academic news, I am spending this summer studying for my first comprehensive exam. This means that I spend most of my days reading. This week I reread a lot of Plato and Aristotle and threw in a little Xenophon to spice things up. I believe next week is more Aristotle and maybe Augustine and Aquinas. We have a schedule. Two other students are studying with me and we are going to be having weekly meetings. Maybe more than that. Anyway, I'll try and keep updating with that progress.
Alright, that's all for now. Have a good weekend.
Oh wait, that's not all! We're planning on driving up to Seattle in a couple weeks. That's gonna be fun. We'll be in the area for about week before busting it back down here by noon on the 6th so that I can begin TAing. Okay, I swear, that's all for now.