Monday, March 26, 2007

Alice in Wonderland (Detournement)

So here I am writing my paper, doing a little research, and I found these.

Breaking Spring

I realize that it's been over five weeks since my last post and I apologize. Shortly after my last post I entered into a world I had never known before. This is the world of grading. I emerged from this cave this past Friday evening. It felt good, until I realized that it was now time for me to start working on my own papers. Thus, my spring break will be spent writing two papers. The first is a literature review on ethnic conflict. It will be terribly boring to write and I am not looking forward to it at all. The second paper (which I am about 6 pages into) is a synthesis of Hannah Arendt and the Situationists. It looks like it could possibly lead to something more than just a seminar paper (if done correctly). I'm hoping to use Arendt's phenomenological approach as a sort of support for Debord and Vaneigem's critiques of modern society. Hopefully I can pull it off.
In other news, we've bought a bunch of other furniture (chairs, table, bookcase, etc.). The apartment is really coming together and feeling like a home. This makes me quite happy. It's quite miserable to live in a place that doesn't feel like home, and these little touches really help. I'm enjoying Santa Barbara so far. The program is great, I've made quite a few friends, and the weather is wonderful. Still, I'm far from old friends (although much closer to some than I was in New York). I suppose Rodney moving to Texas didn't really help either.
Anyway, I really am happy here. Just missing some good friends I suppose. But, like I said, made some here too. Also keeping the ol' fingers crossed for the Thorsby's to move out to CA soon.