Monday, September 26, 2005

monday morning

so it's monday. two more days till we head off to california till october tenth. today should be fairly relaxed. meeting kaleena for lunch by her work. i need to call linda (aka satan aka our landlady) about spraying the apartment today and while we're gone. i have class at 16:00. that should be good. just war theories. discussion usually goes fairly smoothly in that class. after that it's a lecture class with kalyvas. maybe crazy guy will entertain us for a little while again this week. for some reason i'm imagining him bringing an automatic weapon into class today and just taking us all out. let's hope things don't go down that way. i would like to take this little trip home this week. anyway, i'm thinking good food will be had. and good conversation as well. oh, also, we went to this party for grad and law students at church last night. it was really good. apparently the group gets together every wednesday night near nyu (it's mostly nyu students, although i met one other new schooler last night). only sad thing is that i won't be able to make it to that for another few weeks. oh well. also, on saturday nights there's a get together for young couples. well, not every saturday night. but we're on the e-mail lists for both of those groups now. it will be good to hang out with some more people. ah. well. i think i should go now, get things ready for the big trip. later.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


i have run out of trader joe's coffee and have now resorted to drinking instant coffee (usually reserved for sweet iced coffee treats).

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

crazy times

man oh man. class was crazy last night. this guy kept rambling about something that he apparently thought was relevant to the subject at hand. too bad nobody else thought it was. after about three such outbursts, the professor began cutting him off. this upset the young man and he walked up to the chalk board to begin writing his thoughts out for us all to enjoy. i really have no idea what kind of point the guy was trying to make, but he thought it was an important one i guess. eventually people started yelling at him to sit down and shut up. the professor handled it very well. he was calm the whole time and explained that this was a lecture class and he was lecturing. made sense to me. anyway, i'm sure we'll be hearing more from crazy guy throughout the semester.

also, a little quote for tyler from my professor: the first matrix is orthodox marxist. the second one is, eh, as if the program has read adorno.

the end.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

refrigerator raider

it is 1:13 PM and so far i have spent the day cleaning out the refrigerator. most of you (i say this as if there are more than two people that read this) are probably not familiar with our fridge woes. you see, water drips down from the top of the fridge, gets everything wet, and collects in the vegetable crisper bins at the bottom (leaving quite uncrisp vegetables). we tried turning the fridge all the way up - in attempt to freeze out any condensation. this left us with very crisp vegetables, as the water was not the only thing being frozen. frozen eggs are very weird by the way. our land lady (who we love dearly) has proposed replacing our fridge with a newer and larger one. the janitor believes that he already replaced it (which means that someone else in the building is enjoying our new fridge). in an attempt to fix the problem myself i completely disassembled the the freezer compartment and cleaned it thoroughly. i also threw out tons of old/frozen/bizarre foodstuffs from the main fridge compartment. we shall see if the newly cleaned freezer prevents leakage into the main compartment - thus eliminating the condensation and drippage. i doubt it will. i doubt we will ever get a new fridge. i doubt i will ever enjoy the taste of non-frozen eggs again.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

my father has run away from home.

well, maybe not. but it seems like he is a small child that runs away to camp out in the back yard. apparently he's been sick recently and my step-mother told him to go rest in "the boys' room" (the room where we normally stay while visiting). now he has taken to calling it his room and goes in there daily to sleep and watch dvd's. this seems like odd behavior for a man of 55 years. maybe not odd, but humorous really. the man makes me laugh i suppose. he always has, and he did not disappoint this time.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


well, it's coffee time in the lovato house and that means blogspot time. i started my final semester as an ma student last night. it was great to see people after the long, lonely summer. i'm jealous of a few people who spent the summer out of the city, especially the one who spent it in california (returning with a glorious tan). my class last night was amazing and really the reason why i came to new school in the first place. critical theory today. or something. next week i start two more classes: just war theories and on ideology. both of those should also be amazing. i'm really excited about graduate study right now, and hopefully this final semester will help me figure out what it is exactly i want to do.
wherever life takes me i know it will be quite an adventure. the fact that i get to go on this adventure with my lovely wife is also totally rad. she's been working a lot the past few weeks, but the time we do get together is precious to me. we spent most of last weekend just laying around the apartment. i'm looking forward to the next place we live, as that will probably mean settling down for more than a year or two in one place. i've loved new york, but i'll be glad to say goodbye. california is calling (and i think i hear some faint noises coming from oregon, washington, and arizona as well). i know that i seem to focus on the future a lot right now, but that's really what's on my mind.
if we must discuss the present and/or past i shall tell you that i did get a chance to hang out with (former roommate) mark howard this past weekend. that was pretty amazing. we hung out in the east village, eating french fries and milk shakes. the next day mark, kaleena, and myself hung out and then went to bay ridge for some pretty amazing greek food (and wine) served to us by a delightful middle-aged greek woman. it was like eating at home -- if my family was greek. alright. peace.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

thursday morning, 9:35 am, 24 c

coffee again. moka java. just a dash of sugar. i just finished reading the plague . it only took me about six months. maybe seven. i should be heading in to work soon. i need to put together two readers by the end of the week. i have some stuff to take care of around the apartment first. kaleena is bringing home a friend from her work today, so we mustn't look like slobs. we're going to a gathering of sorts at the thorsbys' this evening. a sort of farewell to summer party. it has been a good summer. a hot one, but a good one. like i said previously, i'm looking forward to this semester. my last semester as an ma student. considering my options. phd? joining the work force? i really don't know. the past couple of weeks i've really been leaning toward phd. i know i said i want to put an end to this student lifestyle, but i also really want to pursue my academic interests further. i know. i know. i can do that without enrolling in a university. but who are we kidding? would i? i highly doubt it. i'm not really sure where i would like to study, but uc santa barbara is sounding nice. arizona state is also looking like a possibility (mainly because paul will be moving to phoenix soon). i don't know. a phd sounds good. improved potential for employment sounds good. providing for those i love sounds great. we shall see where this semester takes me.