Wednesday, November 23, 2005

beginning of the end

alright, at tawny's request i'm starting back up. things have been crazy hectic around here recently. i'm busy applying to phd programs, just finished applying for graduation, and still need to write about 60-70 pages by the end of december. anyway, we had some pretty cool academic celebrities at the old new school last week. jurgen habermas came to speak on religion and the public sphere. seemed like he didn't say anything too radical, just the same ol same ol. slavoj zizek came on friday, but i missed that lecture as i was actually working at it and gave up my reserved seat to some ungrateful faculty member. supposedly it was pretty hot stuff. i don't know, he seemed kind of like a jerk to me. but that could just be my anti-celeb bias. who knows. i just don't think people that are supposed to be making a positive impact on the world should carry themselves like rockstars. so yeah, i suppose i'll have more to talk about later on but i should get going for now. fin.