Saturday, November 11, 2006

Coming to an end

Well, my first quarter at UCSB is almost over. It really is weird to think about. I'm super glad that I came here, things are going well, but they're moving so quickly. I feel like we just moved in to this apartment and already Thanksgiving and then Christmas are just around the corner. This is my favorite time of year, I just hope that I am able to slow down and enjoy some of it. The fast paced quarter system isn't all that bad though. I can theoretically be done with my course work by next winter. That just means I have to pass exams and come up with a dissertation prospectus soon afterwards. It shouldn't be too bad, but of course I'm sure I'll still want to be taking seminars even when I don't have to. I mean, there's so much to take advantage of here as far as learning opportunities go. I haven't checked out the philosophy department yet, but my class in religious studies is going swell. We have about 150 pages left of Being and Time to cover in the next three sessions. After that I have to figure out what to write on for that. I also have to figure out what to write on for Black Radical Theory. Thankfully we just have a take home final for International Relations. That does away with some of the pressure. In other news, we're hiring a new theory prof this year. My vote is for this guy but the other candidates look good too. I'm still struggling to figure out what I want to spend the next few years of my life writing on, but I'm having a blast as well.
In non-school news, Kaleena and I went on an awesome walk today. We walked through campus (okay, maybe not completely non-school), past the lagoon, to the beach, along a cliff overlooking the ocean, and then back through campus to the apartment. This place is seriously beautiful. Not sure if you noticed that, but we have a lagoon on campus. A lagoon.